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What is an AP Program?

AP courses are university-level courses offered in high school that enable students to:

  • Earn college credit (saves time and money later at university)
  • Earn advanced placement (skip some fundamental courses and navigate straight to more advanced material)
  • Graduate earlier (1-2 semesters ahead)
  • Graduate with a dual-major or a minor
  • Stand out to colleges (‘AP’ mark on your transcript is a sign of academic excellence)

How do you get in AP courses?

At the beginning of the next school year, students will take placement tests for all the below listed AP courses. Only selected candidates will get into AP courses, but will be limited to 2 courses per year + AP Seminar.

AP Administrator - Olzhas Yelyubayev

AP Course Trainer
Calculus Bauyrzhan Bissekenov
Statistics Bauyrzhan Bissekenov
Physics Yesbol Duiseyev
Chemistry Askar Syzdykov
Biology Ilyas Sakimov
Computer Science Maksat Tulegenov
Microeconomics and macroeconomics Olzhas Kadyrbekov
World History Arystan Satanov

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