Educational ProgramPrimary School

1 - 6 grade levels

School model

The Primary School program focuses on modern teaching technologies and confirms the general education state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Study program educates and designed on shaping and developing learners potential skills and allows learners to choose from a variety of school activities, such as chess and intellectum lessons.
Project Based Learning
NURORDA successfully incorporates Project Based Learning (PBL) in classrooms where students learn by actively engaging
in real-world and personally meaningful projects. Implementing PBL leads to


Understanding the topics in depth


Пәнді кең ауқымды қабылдауға


Increasing of learners’ creative potential

Robotics club

On the basis of the Kazakh language, elementary school is taking extra hours to teach English. Teachers also take elective courses and extra lessons in preparation for international exams. International English teachers exchange experience with local staff

Teaching staff

Асанова Жанат Нуртаевна, Зерттеу санатындағы бастауыш сынып мұғалімі

Asanova Zhanat Nurtaevna

Qualified Primary teacher, Category - “Teacher Explorer”


Baitemirova Indira Rustemovna

Qualified Kazakh Language teacher, Category - “Teacher Expert”


Banshchikova Oksana Genadievna

Qualified English teacher - Second Category


Kadeshova Gulmira Kuanishevna

Highly Qualified Primary Teacher

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go to school!

I want to
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Нұр-Сұлтан қаласында орналасқан «NURORDA» мектеп-лицейі.
K. Amanzholov str, 34. Nur-Sultan city 020000
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