Educational ProgramSchool - Lyceum

7-11 grade level

Study Programm

The language of instruction in basic level is Kazakh.
Mathematics and Science learning area.
Mathematics and Science subjects in grades 7-11 are taught in English.
Grades 9-10 students study Informatics in four areas: Mechatronic, Programming, Media and Graphic Design.
Reading Time
Our school built dedicated Reading time into the academic timetable for 1-11 grades students. Type of the book and language: student prefered. This aims to help children improve their reading skills and literacy appreciation as well as to engender in them a love of reading for life.
School operates SAT training center to help students in their study to enter the top universities of the world.
English Language
For profound studying English some of the classes are divided into-level groups and at the end of the year take the International KET, PET, FCE, IELTSCambridge examination.
Modern Eduactional Requirements.
The Lyceum is committed to meeting the up-to-date requirements of education and using the best teaching practices that support the comprehensive development of students.
English and Math
For intensive studying English and Math, grade 7-10 students are divided into level groups.
Free extra lessons.
Free extra Math and English lessons are provided in order to support struggling learners.
Project Based Learning
PBL has been implemented where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world problem challenges. Students explore subjects in cooperation with peers for an extended period and respond to complex questions, challenges or problems.

Extra school activities

- extra lessons;
- University preparation;
- Olympiad exam preparation;
- Science research club, project making;
- Exam preparation hours;
- Extra subject course;

Teaching staff

Байзильдина Сауле Сушыновна

Baizildina Saule Sushinovna

Highly Qualified Geographgy Teacher

Мырзаева Кулдария Актаевна

Myrzaeva Kuldariya Aktayevna

Second Category Qualified History Teacher

Байназаров Ербол Есенбекович

Bainazarov Yerbol Yesenbekovich

Second Category PE Teacher

Уринбасаров Ахмад Абдукаримович

Urinbasarov Akhmad Abdukarimovich

First Category Qualified Mathematics Teacher

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I want to
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Нұр-Сұлтан қаласында орналасқан «NURORDA» мектеп-лицейі.
K. Amanzholov str, 34. Nur-Sultan city 020000
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